Great talks, -1 pizza

Despite the autumn break, the 11/4 think and drink was lively and well attended. The differences between the two talks nicely demonstrated the breadth of research here at the LSI. And we were even close to being on time for once.

The only hitch was a stolen pizza. In the future we will employ additional precautions to insure that no further pizzas are lost to miscreants. I’d like to take this opportunity to reiterate that everyone is welcome at Think & Drink. So, pizza thieves, whoever you are, come have more free pizza, just stick around and learn some cool science while you’re at it (just watch out for Emilia, she’s pretty angry with your right now).

Our next seminar will be November 18, when we will be hearing from two Andrews. LSI fellow, Andy Leifer will tell us the really cool tools that he and his lab have been using to image neuronal activity in freely behaving animals and Andrew Bass of the Storey lab will explain a new method for optimizing statistical power in RNA-seq experiments.

Please note that due to scheduling conflicts we have moved the 12/2 seminar back one week to 12/9.

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