Emilia’s back on the schedule and a talk all the way from Geosci

Both talks from 2/3 were thoroughly enjoyable and will be hard to top. Though, if I know anyone who can do it, it is my co-organizer Emilia Esposito. Emilia will be stepping up next Think and Drink to fill a spot left open by an unforeseen scheduling conflict. Emilia had originally been included in the spring semester lineup, but graciously gave up her spot in order to allow a greater diversity of labs to present within our limited number of meetings this semester. Since Think and Drink aims to foster interdisciplinary connections we felt that it was important to have labs from the widest variety of fields and departments possible. Now, by a twist of fate she’s back on the schedule and we’ll get the chance to hear about her work on the interactions between spatially restricted transcription factors and chromatin during mitosis before she graduates this year.

In addition to Emilia we will be having one of those aforementioned interdisciplinary talks that we get so excited about. Oliver Baars of the Morel group in the Geosciences department will be joining us to tell us about identifying new metallophores in natural bacterial populations.

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